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Alloyed cast iron Fonte alliée

Black iron [ magnetic iron ore ] - See Magnetite

Bog-iron (mineralogy) Fer des marais - See Limonite

Brittle iron Magagne

Brown iron ore (mineralogy) Hématite brune [ hydrated sesquioxide of iron ]

Cast iron Fonte

Cast iron block Bloc de fonte

Casting in iron molds Moulage en coquille

Cementite (mineralogy) Cémentite [ CFe3, ferrite (iron carbide), constituent of steels ]

Chalcopyrite (mineralogy) Chalcopyrite [ Cu2S – Fe2S3, copper pyrite, Crystalline system : Quadratic ]

Chalibite (mineralogy) Chalibyte [ siderite, iron ore, ferrous carbonate, Crystalline system : Rhombohedral ]

Chalybeate Chalibite ( containing iron )

Chilled cast-iron Fonte coulée en coquille


1 - Chromite [ compounds in which chromium is tervalent ]

2 - (mineralogy) Chromite [ Cr2O3 . FeO, chromium and iron oxide, ore, Crystalline system : Cubic ] Syn. Fer chromé, sidérochrome, ferrochromite

Colcothar Colcotar, colcothar, rouge d'Angleterre [ Fe2O3, natural iron sesquioxide ]

Continuous casting iron Fonte coulée en continu

Copper iron sulphide Sulfure double de cuivre et de fer (pyrite cuivreuse) [ S3Fe2 . SCu2 ]
- See Chalcopyrite

Corrosion resistant iron Fonte résistante à la corrosion

Corrugated Lat. Corrugatus Ondulé(e)

Corrugated iron, corrugated section Tôle ondulée

Damped iron Fer fritté

Fayalite (iron olivine) (mineralogy) Fayalite [ Fe2SiO4, silicate of iron, variety of olivine, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic]

Ferrate Ferrate ( salt of the non isolated ferric acid )

Ferreous Ferreux(-euse) - See Ferrous

Ferric Ferrique

Ferric acid Acide ferrique [ FeO4H2 ]

Ferric anhydride Anhydride ferrique, trioxyde de fer [ FeO3 ]

Ferric arsenate Arséniate ferrique [ (AsO4)2Fe2 ]

Ferric bromide Bromure ferrique [ Fe2Br6 ]

Ferric carbonate Carbonate ferrique [ (CO3)3Fe2 ]

Ferric chloride Chlorure ferrique, sesquichlorure de fer [ Cl3Fe ]

Ferric cyanide Cyanure ferrique [ Fe2(CN)6 ]

Ferric ferrocyanide Ferrocyanure ferrique (bleu de prusse) [ Fe7(CN)18 ]

Ferric fluoride Fluorure ferrique [ FeFl6 ]

Ferric hydroxide Hydroxyde ferrique (rouille) [ Fe2(OH)6 ]

Ferric iodide Iodure ferrique [ Fe2I6 ]

Ferric ion Ion ferrique

Ferric nitrate Nitrate ferrique [ (NO3)3Fe3 ]

Ferric oxide Oxyde ferrique, peroxyde, sesquioxyde de fer [ Fe2O3 ]

Ferric pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate ferrique [ (Ph2O7)3Fe4 ]

Ferric sulphate Sulfate ferrique [ (SO4)3Fe2 ]

Ferric sulphate basic Sulfate ferrique basique, sous-sulfate de sesquioxyde de fer [ Fe2O3 . 2SO3 ]

Ferricyanide Ferricyanure

Ferriferous Ferrifère

Ferrihydrocyanic Ferricyanhydrique

Ferrimagnetic Ferrimagnétique

Ferrite (mineralogy) Ferrite ( strongly magnetic form of pure iron ore )

Ferrite core Noyau de ferrite

Ferritisation (metallurgy) Ferritisation

Ferrito-perlitic structure Structure ferrito-perlitique

Ferrochromium Ferrochrome

Ferrocyanide Ferrocyanure

Ferro-electricity Ferro-électricité

Ferro-ferric hydroxide Hydroxyde ferroso-ferrique [ Fe3O5H2 ]

Ferrohydrocyanic Ferrohydrocyanique

Ferromagnetic Ferromagnétique

Ferromagnetism Ferromagnétisme

Ferromanganese Ferromanganèse

Ferromolybdenum Ferromolybdène

Ferronickel Ferronickel

Ferrophosphor Ferrophosphore

Ferrosilicon Ferrosilicium ( alloy of iron and silicium )

Ferrous .adj. Ferreux(-euse)

Ferrous acetate Acétate ferreux [ (C2H3O2)2Fe ]

Ferrous alloy Alliage ferreux

Ferrous bromide Bromure ferreux [ FeBr2 ]

Ferrous carbonate Carbonate ferreux [ CO3Fe ]

Ferrous chloride Chlorure ferreux [ FeCl2 ]

Ferrous cyanide Cyanure ferreux [ Fe(CN)2 ]

Ferrous fluoride Fluorure ferreux [ FeFl3 ]

Ferrous fumarate Fumarate ferreux [ FeC4H2O4, ferrous salt of the fumaric acid used in medicine for iron depletion ]

Ferrous hydroxide Hydroxyde ferreux [ Fe(OH)2 ]

Ferrous iodide Iodure ferreux [ FeI2 ]

Ferrous metals Métaux ferreux

Ferrous nitrate Nitrate ferreux [ (NO3)2Fe ]

Ferrous oxide Oxyde ferreux, protoxyde de fer (FeO)

Ferrous pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate ferreux [ Ph2O7Fe2 ]

Ferrous silicate Silicate ferreux [ SiO4Fe2 ]

Ferrous sulphate Sulfate ferreux (vitriol vert, couperose verte) [ SO4Fe ]

Ferrugination Ferruginisation

Ferruginous .adj. Ferrugineux(-euse)

Flawy iron Fer pailleux

Galvanized cold rolled sheet Tôle galvanisée

Galvanized iron Fer galvanisé

Grey cast iron Fonte grise

Hæmatite, hematite (specular iron ore) (mineralogy) Hématite, ferret d'Espagne, [ 2Fe2O3 . 3H2O, native hydrated sesquioxide of iron, Crystalline system : Rhombohedral ]
- See Oolitic, Limonite

Halotrichite (mineralogy) Halotrichite ( hydrated sulphate of iron and aluminium, natural iron alum )

Hammered iron Fer martelé

Hammered sheet iron Tôle martelée

Hardened cast iron Fonte trempée

Hydrated iron silicate Silicate hydraté de fer

Ilmenite (mineralogy) Ilménite, illménite [ FeO . TiO2, oxide of iron and titanium, Crystalline system : Orthorhombic ] Syn. Fer titané

Iron (Fe) Fer (Ferrum) Atomic Number : 026

Iron alum (mineralogy) Alun de fer - See Halotrichite

Iron bearing Ferrifère

Iron borings Limaille

Iron bromide Bromure de fer [ FeBr3 ]

Iron carbonate Carbonate de fer [ CO3Fe ] - See Siderite, spathic iron

Iron chromite Chromite de fer [ FeO – Cr2O3 ]

Iron disulphide Bisulfure de fer (pyrite martiale en cristaux cubiques jaune d'or ; pyrite blanche en prismes orthorhombiques jaune verdâtre) [ FeS2 ]

Iron ferricyanide Ferricyanure de fer (bleu de Turnbull) [ Fe2(CN)12Fe3 ]

Iron filings Limaille de fer

Iron glance Fer spéculaire

Iron grey Gris fer

Iron hydroxide Hydroxyde de fer [ Fe(OH)3 ]

Iron magnetic oxide Oxyde magnétique de fer, oxyde salin de fer, oxyde des battitures (ocre rouge, cristallisé : fer oligiste) [ Fe3O4 ]

Iron magnetic sulphide Sulfure magnétique de fer [ Fe3S4 ]

Iron manufacture Sidérurgie

Iron metasilicate Métasilicate de fer [ SiO4Fe ]

Iron mill Forge

Iron monger Quincailler

Iron mongery Quincaillerie

Iron olivine (mineralogy) - See Fayalite

Iron ore (mineralogy) Minerai de fer

Iron oxide coated Recouvert d'oxyde de fer

Iron protosulphide Protosulfure de fer [ FeS ]

Iron protoxide Protoxyde de fer (oxyde ferreux) [ FeO ]

Iron pyrite Pyrite de fer [ FeS2, Crystalline system : Cubic ]

Iron scrap Ferraille, riblon

Iron sesquiarsenide Sesquiarséniure de fer [ Fe2As3 ]

Iron sesquioxide Sesquioxyde de fer (oxyde ferrique) [ Fe2O3 ]

Iron sesquiphosphide Sesquiphosphure de fer [ Fe2Ph3 ]

Iron sesquisulphide Sesquisulfure de fer [ Fe2S3 ]

Iron silicide Siliciure de fer [ FeSi ]

Iron stone (mineralogy) Sidérite

Iron sulphate Sulfate de fer - See Melanterite

Iron titanate Titanate de fer [ TiO3Fe ]

Limonite, brown hematite (mineralogy) Limonite, hématite brune, hydroferrite, hydrosidérite [ 2Fe2O3 – nH2O, amorphous hydrated double ferric oxide or iron oxyhydroxyde ]

Limonitic Limonitique

Lodestone (mineralogy) Magnétite [ magnetic iron ore, magnetite with natural polarity ]

Magnetite (mineralogy) Magnétite [ Fe3O4, magnetic iron ore, Crystalline system : Cubic ]

Malleable cast-iron Fonte malléable

Malleable iron Fer doux

Marcasite (mineralogy) Marcasite [ FeS2, natural disulphide of iron, Crystalline system : Orthorhombic ]

Mottled cast iron Fonte truitée

Native iron (Fe) Fer natif [ Crystalline system : Cubic ]

Nickel iron Ferro-nickel

Nodular cast-iron Fonte nodulaire

Oligist(ic) iron (mineralogy) Fer oligiste ( cristallised anhydrous sesquioxide of iron )
- See Hæmatite

Oolite (mineralogy) Oolite, oolithe ( the upper layer of the jurassic soil )

Oolitic iron Fer oolithique [ 2Fe2O3 . 3H2O, granulated hydrated sesquioxide of iron ]

Oolitic limestone Craie oolithique

Pearlitic grey cast iron Fonte grise perlitique

Pearlitic cast-iron Fonte perlitique

Pig cast iron Fonte en gueuse

Pig iron Fer en gueuse

Puddled iron Fer puddlé

Puddling Puddlage ( decarburization of cast-iron )

Pyrite (mineralogy) Pyrite [ FeS2, natural iron disulphide, Crystalline system : Cubic ]

Pyrophoric iron Fer pyrophorique ( spontaneously inflammable iron )

Pyrrhotite, pyrrhotine (mineralogy) Pyrrhotine, pyrrhotite [ FeS, sulphide of iron, magnetic pyrite, Crystalline system : Hexagonal ]

Recovering of cast iron Récupération de la fonte

Red iron ore (mineralogy) Hématite rouge ( fibrous anhydrous sesquioxide of iron )

Red ochre (mineralogy) Ocre rouge ( red iron oxide )

Red oxide of iron Oxyde ferrique

Refined cast iron Fonte affinée

Scrap iron Ferraille

Section iron Profilé

Sheet iron Feuille de tôle

Shock resistant iron Fonte à haute limite élastique

Siderite (chalibyte, spathose iron) (mineralogy) Sidérite [ FeCO3, carbonate of iron, Crystalline System : Rhombohedral ]

Spathic iron (spathose iron) (mineralogy) Fer spathique ( iron carbonate )
- See Siderite

Spiegeleisen (mineralogy) Spiegel ( white cast-iron, ferro-manganese )

Square iron Fer carré

Squarry iron ore (mineralogy) Fer spathique

Strip iron Feuillard

Titanic iron (mineralogy) Fer titané - See Ilmenite

Wear resistant iron Fonte résistant à l'abrasion

White cast iron Fonte blanche

White iron Fer blanc


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