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AIF Apoptosis-Inducting Factor / Facteur inducteur de l'apoptose - See PubMed AIF

AIG Apoptosis Interest Group (USA, NIH)

AP 24 Apoptopic Protease (an enzyme that activates internucleosomal DNA fragmentation during apoptosis)

Apaf-1 Apoptosis Protease-Activating Factor 1 - See PubMed Apaf-1

APC Antigen-Presenting Cell (same as CPA)

ASK 1 Apoptosis Signal regulation Kinase 1

Bax Bcl-2 associated x protein (gène membre de la famille Bcl-2 inhibiteur de l'apoptose)

Bcl-2 B-cell lymphoma 2 (famille de gènes inhibiteurs de l'apoptose)

CAS Cellular Apoptosis Susceptibility protein

Caspase Cysteinyl aspartic acid-protease / Cystéine protéase à spécificité acide aspartique

CDD Cell Death and Differentiation Journal

Celldeath Forum for apoptosis-related subjects (DE)

Celldeath & Apoptosis The international cell death society

cIAP cellular Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins

CMH Complexe Majeur d'Histocompatibilité

CPA Cellule Présentatrice de l'Antigène (Idem APC)

CPAN Caspase Activated Nuclease - See Pubmed CPAN

CTL Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte

DD Death Domain / Domaine de mort

DED Death Effector Domain / Domaine effecteur de mort - See PubMed DED

DFF DNA Fragmentation Factor

DISC Death-Inducing Signaling Complex - See PubMed DISC

ECDO European Cell Death Organization

EWCD European Workshop on Cell Death

FADD Fas-Associating protein Death Domain

FAF 1 Fas Associated protein Factor 1

Fas A transmembrane protein member of the TNFR family Syn. APO-1, CD95

FasL Fas Ligand

GITR Glucocorticoid-Induced TNF Receptor

GrB Granzyme B (enzyme cytolytique)

IAP Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins / Protéines inhibitrices de l'apoptose

ICE Interleukin-1 Converting Enzymes (gènes régulateurs de l'apoptose)

IGIF Interferon-Gamma-Inducing Factor

ITA Inhibitor of T-cell Apoptosis

LARD Lymphocyte-Associated Receptor of Death

MADD Mitogen-Activated kinase Activating Death Domain

MAP Mitogen-Activated Protein - See PubMed MAP

MKK 4 Mitogen-Activated protein kinase Kinase 4

NAIP Neuronal Apoptosis Inhibitory Protein

NBK Natural Born Killer

NGF Nerve Growth Factor

NGFR Nerve Growth Factor Receptor

NK Natural Killer

p53 Tumor suppressor gene / Gène suppresseur de tumeur

PCD Programmed Cell Death / Mort cellulaire programmée

PFP Pore-Forming Protein (perforin) - See PubMed PFP

Perforin Perforine (enzyme cytolytique)

RIP Receptor Interacting Protein

SMAC Second Mitochondria-derived Activator of Caspases

SMAC/DIABLO Second Mitochondria-derived Activator of Caspases / Direct Inhibitor of Apoptosis-Binding protein with Low pI

SODD Silencer Of Death Domain

TCR T-Cell Receptor

TGF-b Transforming Growth Factor-Beta (facteur d'inhibition de la croissance cellulaire)

TNF Tumor Necrosis Factor / Facteur nécrosant des tumeurs - See PubMed TNF

TNFR Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor / Récepteur de facteur nécrosant des tumeurs

TRADD TNF Receptor-Associated Death Domain

TRAF TNF (Tumor necrosis factor) Receptor-Associated Factor

TRAIL TNF (Tumour necrosis factor)-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand

TRAP TNF-Related Activation Protein

TTRAP TRAF and TNF Receptor-Associated Protein

XIAP X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein - See PubMed XIAP


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