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AAL Absolute Assembly Language

ADA Augusta Ada Lovelace

AFUP Association Française des Utilisateurs de PHP.

AL Assembly Language

ALGOL Algorithmic Oriented Language

AOL Application Oriented Language

APL Algorithmic Procedural Language

APL Application Programming Language

ASM Assembler Source Language

ASP Active Server Page

AWK Al Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan (Unix language)

BAL Basic Assembly Language

BAS Basic Language

BBL Basic Business Language

BCL Batch Command Language

BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language

C C Programming Language

C++  © The C++ Resources Network, C++ Language Tutorial

CALL Computer Aided Language Learning

CCL Common Command Language

Club d'entraide des développeurs francophones

COBOL Common Business Oriented Language - See The Official Home of the COBOL Community

CODASYL Conference On Data System Languages

COMAL Command Algorithmic Language

DAL Data Access Language

DCL Data Control Language

DDL Data Definition Language

DDL Data Description Language

DIBOL Digital Business Oriented Language

DML Data Manipulation Language

DQL Data Query Language

DSML Directory Services Markup Language

FORTH Programming Language

FORTRAN Formula Translator / FORmulation TRANsposée

GL Graphics Language

GML Generalized Markup Language

HAL Human Access Language

HDL Hardware Description Language

HLL High Level Language

HLLAPI High Level Language Application Programmer's Interface

HOL Higher Order Language

HTML HyperText Markup Language - See the W3C HTML Home Page

IDL Interface Definition Language (CORBA)

IPL Information Processing Language

IQL Interactive Query Language

JCL Job Control Language

LAO Langage A Objets

LCD Langage de Contrôle de Données

LCT Langage Commun de Transactions

LDD Langage de Définition de Données

LDI Langege de Définition des Informations

LDP Langage de Description de Page

LEM Language Extension Module

LISP LISt Processing language - See ALU Association of Lisp Users

LLL Low Level Language

LMD Langage de Manipulation de Données

LOO Langage Orienté Objet

LOTOS Language Of Temporal Ordering Specification

LTR Langage Temps Réel

ML Machine Language

ML Meta Language

MML Man Machine Language

MML Mathematics Markup Language

NDL Network Definition Language

NLP Natural Language Processing

ODL Object Definition Language

OOL Object Oriented Language

OOP Object Oriented Programming

OOPL Object Oriented Programming Language

OQL Object Query Language

OWL Ontology Web Language

OWL DL Ontology Web Language Description Logics

PAL Programming Assembly Language

PAL Protocol Analysis Language

PCL Printer Control Language

PDL Page Description Language

PDL Program Design Language

PDL Printer Description Language

PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language

PHP Personal Home Page. PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

PJL Printer Job Language

PL Programming Language

PL/1 Programming Language 1

OSQL Object Structured Query Language

MGML Minimal Generalized Markup Language

PASCAL Programming Language named from Blaise Pascal

RDF Resource Description Framework

SCL Scanner Computer Language

SDL Specification and Description Language

SDL Symbolic Description Language

SDML Spatial Data Manipulation Language

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language

SMIL Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language (an XML based language)

SNOBOL String Oriented Symbolic Language

SQL Structured Query Language

SQLJ Structured Query Language Java

SQL/MM Structured Query Language / MultiMedia

TCL-TK Tool Commpon Language - Tool Kit

UIL User Interface Language

UML Unified Modeling Language

UPL User Programming Language

VoxML Voice Markup Language

VRML Virtual Reality Mark-up Language / Virtual Reality Modeling Language

VTCL Virtual Tool Common language

WML Wireless Markup Language (WAP)

xAL extensible Address Language

xCIL extensible Customer Information Language

xCRL extensible Customer Relationships Language

XML eXtended Markup Language - See the W3C XML page

XML The XML Industry Portal . XML.org serves as an online community gathering place for those interested and involved in XML-related standards and specifications.

xNAL extensible Name and Address Language

xNL extensible Name Language

XSL eXtensible Stylesheet Language

XSLT eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations

3GL 3rd Generation Language

4GL 4th Generation Language

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